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Yellow Class

Spring term 2021

This term is based on The Environment and for Yellow Room our topic will be “The Weather”. So if it is warm enough and children are wrapped up we will go outside and experience it first –hand if not we will be re-creating weather conditions inside. Children will be learning to develop their communication, sensory, social and physical skills through lots of exciting activities. We will be listening to stories and poems, some of which will have props and sensory resources including “The Weather Bear”  “Henry’s Holiday”,  “Kipper’s Snowy Day”  “Wind Poem” “Polar Polar Bear what do you See?”  Yellow Room will also be doing lots of sand and water play as always with different themes; counting, playing with inset puzzles and shape sorters and comparing the lengths of scarves, sorting winter wear to go outside, hats/scarves/gloves or a mix of each, sequencing the seasons using materials, pictures and puzzles. There will be lots of exploration and making for example wind chimes, luminous paint pictures sun catchers and tactile collages, creating storm effects with sounds and materials, learning about how animals keep warm-feeling fur etc. There will be celebrations including birthdays, Burn’s Night, Chinese New Year and National Storytelling Week , Holi and Easter all in a way which is accessible to our young children.  As is the spirit of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we will be often following the children’s leads and interests and of course if there is anything you know your child likes. Please tell us and we will include it.