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Blue Class

Summer term 2020

Our topic in Blue Class this term is 'Our World'.  We will be reading stories from other cultures and looking at what life is like for children in different countries.  We will be learning about homes, schools and games and comparing it to life in England both in the physical environment and how people live. In English we will also develop listening and speaking skills through recall of short pieces of information or a story and response to

questions. Maths lessons are based around the needs of the students, so they will be working on different areas of the curriculum specifically relevant to them. In Science, we will be exploring ecosystems looking at the different habitats, weather conditions and animals that live in various areas of the world and the life cycles of mini beasts.


Unfortunately we are unable to be on site during the current corona virus epidemic; we are continuing to work with our students through remote teaching which may include access through technology as well as paper based work and suggested activities. Teachers remain in contact with students, families and support workers and can be contacted via their school emails.

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