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Red Class


Autumn term 2020

This term the overall theme of our work is Changes.  Interpreted in many ways, there will be students studying changes in people's lives and writing biographies linked to Black History month.  Other students may look at simple stories and how they might change or adapt them.   Maths lessons are more personal and will be centred around topics which each student wishes to revise and learn. In Science we will be planning experiments looking into changes in materials, a very popular experiment involves investigating chocolate!   We may also investigate the factors affecting the amount of carbon dioxide given off when yeast is added to different liquids, e g. cola, water, milk, etc, and if different temperatures will make a difference, testing other hypotheses based on our observations. Other science experiments will focus on diffusion; measuring the diffusion of food dye in water and whether or not temperature has an effect on the rate of diffusion and spread.